What are Boot Pocket Wraps and Boot Pocket Liners?

Our products are a combination of function and fashion. Every pair of Boot Pocket Wraps and Boot Pocket Liners has a 6-pocket system for carrying your everyday essentials. As a bonus, they are fashion-forward products made with premium quality, stretch fabrics, and in fun patterns and colors.

How can I be sure I’ve ordered the correct size?

To find the right fit for you, please check the measurement chart listed in the About section above

Can I wear these products with regular shoes?

Yes, if you like the look, go for it! But, remember, the Boot Pocket Wraps are meant to be worn over boots / shoes, while the Boot Pocket Liners are meant to be inside your boots/ shoes.

Can these products be worn with Short Boots/Booties?

Yes! They look great and give the illusion of a tall boot; again, use our measurements charts in the About section above for the correct product size.

Where did the name Hulluh!Designs come from?

"Hulluh" is a variation of the words "hello/hullo"'s how Vicki and her husband greet each other over the phone! Now, it's our way of greeting our customers!!!