Frequently Asked Questions

“Hulluh” is a variation of the words “hello/hullo”…it’s how Vicki and her husband greet each other over the phone! Now, it’s our way of greeting our customers!!!

Hülles (pronounced to rhyme with “cool”) are a fashion accessory worn either under or over your boots.  They contain 6 hidden pockets to store your essentials such as your money, credit cards, keys, makeup and more!  Wearing Hulles allows you to go purse-free!

Hülle Boot Wraps are our longest style, worn over your boots, and fit over the knee.

Hülle Boot Liners are worn inside your boots and fall below the knee.

Hülle Boot Cuffs are a shorter alternative and are uniquely designed to go over the leg and under the knee. Give a new look for your Western Boots or favorite Rain Boots.

Our products are a combination of function and fashion. Every pair of Boot Pocket Wraps and Boot Pocket Liners has a 6-pocket system for carrying your everyday essentials. As a bonus, they are fashion-forward products made with premium quality, stretch fabrics, and in fun patterns and colors.

Yes, if you like the look, go for it… Hülle Boot Wraps and Liners look fantastic with high heels, low heels, sneakers and just about any kind of shoe imaginable!

 But, remember, the Boot Pocket Wraps are meant to be worn over boots / shoes, while the Boot Pocket Liners are meant to be inside your boots/ shoes.

Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with Mild Detergent. Lay Flat or Hang to Dry.

Measure the circumference of your calf at the widest point and match with the measurement on our size chart, found on all product pages.  If you are in between sizes, we recommend you size up.

Yes…our products are made to fit a variety of boot styles.

 They look great on shortie boots and give the illusion of a tall boot; again, use our measurements charts in the About section above for the correct product size.

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