Fashion: The Ability to Choose

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Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines the word empower as: 1. to give power or authority to; 2. to give ability to; to enable. Thus, empowerment means the act of giving power or ability to a person to make decisions. You ask, “What does this have to do with fashion?!? Actually, quite a lot.

To quote fashion blogger Eleanor Pritchard, “Fashion is more than just clothing. It symbolizes empowerment.” In other words, today’s women possess the ability to choose fashion that suits their self-image and lifestyle. We don’t have to follow every archaic “fashion rule” that has been handed down through the years – even the “no white after Labor Day” dictum has been thrown out (who made these rules anyway?). However, we do want fashion items that give us confidence in who we are and where we go. All of this leads us to the issue of safety and the hands-free movement which gives us the ability to occasionally bypass a traditional fashion accessory: the purse.

Feeling safe has much to do with feeling empowered. What we carry – backpacks, fanny packs, and purses of all shapes and sizes – presents a very visible target for the tenacious thief or mugger. According to self-defense instructor Mike Campbell, the majority of these criminals are actually looking at a victim from the waist up for potential areas of theft. Women must have confidence to roam their world safely and very visible bags or packs are not necessarily the answer.

There are certain types of victims that become prime targets for pickpockets: people on cell phones, with children, in groups or those who are not paying any attention to what is going on around them. A particularly favorite target is the person who sets their bag down – even right next to them – and leaves themselves open for a quick grab and go theft, (Beth Williams: Which Purses Pickpockets Love to Pick…2 Feb. 2016). Another pair of eyes or hands to help keep watch would be great. However, purse-sitters are not always available. This responsibility is usually left to a spouse or trusted friend; and unless they’re vying for sainthood, purse-watching duties are not necessarily welcomed.

Tourists are also prime targets for professional thieves who can steal or get into all kinds of bags. Just when you think it’s safe to use a fanny pack, backpack, or one of those anti-theft travel purses, these guys have a method for stealing or getting into them. However, there is a clever solution to this problem.

Hülle® Custom Boot Wrap Pockets & Boot Pocket Liners give women the ability to opt for a fashion accessory that is not only stylish but also offers a unique method to securing their valuables. With a total of six hidden pockets per pair, these boot wraps can be worn inside or over your favorite pair of boots. When it comes to safety, even a thief with the talents of Harry Houdini cannot get that close to your legs without notice! Made in the USA, Hülle® Custom Boot Wrap Pockets & Boot Pocket Liners come in fun chic colors and fabrics; easy to use, easy to pack, they are the fashion-forward purse alternative for women who want to Travel Safe, Travel Smart, Travel Chic!

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Fashion: The Ability to Choose

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines the word empower as: 1. to give power or authority to; 2. to give ability to; to enable. Thus, empowerment means


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