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Fashion without borders; what does that mean? What kind of borders are we talking about? In this case, a fashion border represents constrictive, overly designed clothes that scream, “These clothes came from that time period!” Look at the clothes worn in the Victorian time period: hems down to the ankle, day dresses with collars up to the chin and bustles that gave women an unnatural figure; and let’s not forget the waist-cinching corsets that could make proper breathing impossible. More recent examples are the big shoulder pads that graced women’s suits and dresses in the 1940’s and were rehashed in the 1980’s. These are just two examples of fashion borders that often restrict the way women look, feel and move in their clothes. So, what about fashion without borders? Again, what does that mean? The answer is simply freedom.

Fashion without borders is clothing that is joyful, easy and timeless. Whether it is designed for a sporty or elegant evening look, borderless fashion is never restrictive in movement. In clothes without complicated fashion borders, a woman always feels comfortable, moves with ease and is free to be herself. CoCo Chanel understood this and we have her to thank for bringing borderless fashion to the modern-day woman.

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (August 19, 1883 – January 10, 1971) gave women timeless fashion with her genius use of jersey fabric to create her fashion line in the 1920’s. Chanel’s clothes are the epitome of fashion without borders with their youthful look, non-fussy design and ease of movement. Best of all, she put pockets in her sweaters, jackets and pants – a feature that designers of the time did not consider necessary in women’s clothes. Simply said, Chanel’s clothes liberated women’s bodies.

Modern designers such as Antonin Tron and Brandon Maxwell featured in the April 2017 issue of W magazine, embrace the idea of non-restrictive easy clothing – fashion without borders. Their clothes are fun, sporty, elegant and easy to wear with all the timelessness of a CoCo Chanel. Maxwell’s collection of jumpsuits, tailored jackets and halter dresses – in black or ivory – are designed to allow a woman to feel good about herself. Antonin Tron’s elegantly sporty separates are made of a silky jersey. His belief that “A woman should always feel free,” clearly expresses the idea of fashion without borders.

At Hulluh!Designs, we take a different approach. Just as Chanel got her inspiration from men’s clothing, we took ours from men’s gaiters – garments worn over the shoe and lower pants leg, and used primarily as personal protective equipment. Our new twist on this timeless accessory is the addition of hidden pockets combined with a fun fashion design adapted for women’s boots. Our view of fashion without borders: choice. Our Hülle Custom Boot Pockets and Boot Liners give women the choice of whether or not to carry a purse; and at certain times no purse equals freedom. Now that’s what we call fashion without borders!

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Fashion without borders; what does that mean? What kind of borders are we talking about? In this case, a fashion border represents constrictive, overly designed

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