The Love/Hate Handbag Relationship

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Like a lot of women, I love a good tote bag, a cute clutch, or a smart shoulder strapped purse. I own many in different colors and styles that compliment an assortment of shoes and outfits. Some I’ve had for years; others are collecting dust at the top of my closet. I love them all, and won’t give them up…but…But sometimes I hate them, even my favorite ones! Here’s why.

I spend and waste a lot of time looking for stuff that I need – car keys come immediately to mind – in the bottom of my newest great-looking tote bag. It’s big, roomy and holds everything I need (short of the cliché kitchen sink) to get through an entire day or two. That’s the problem. The bigger the tote, the bigger the load and the quicker my car keys, cell phone or glasses disappear into its deep dark depths. This in turn has caused me to experience high anxiety and/or embarrassment as I frantically believe I will never find or see the desired item again.

Then there is the weight issue. Because loading up my tote is so easy, it often becomes quite heavy and uncomfortable to carry. It also makes dining out a little tricky. Where to put it while seated? My large tote takes up too much space to put on the table. This applies to the seat of a booth as well, especially if two or more women are in a booth and intend to use seating space as a spot to rest their hold-everything totes and/or purses. And…I don’t know about you but putting a purse – any kind – on the floor is a Big No, No!

So, when I want to feel a little less encumbered, I downsize to a smaller, over the shoulder strap “cross Body” bag. Again, I don’t know about you, but in my experience, these bags can also become quite HEAVY, with the strap digging mercilessly into my shoulder. Within and our hour or two of any kind of excursion, I find that I’m moving the strap from one shoulder to the other to ease the pain.  Eventually the weights of my totes or shoulder bags are potential causes for carpal tunnel or labral tear issues of the wrist and shoulder…Ugh!

What we carry – backpacks, fanny packs and purses of all shapes and sizes – presents other problems. They are a very visible target for the tenacious thief or mugger, thus, putting one in the way of possible danger… Oy vey! In a recent conversation with a self-defense instructor, Mike Campbell, I was informed that most of these criminals are actually looking at a victim’s waist and above for potential theft…Who knew?!?  But you protest at such assertions! “My bag,” you tell yourself, “Has the most pick-pocket proof system on the market!” Well, that’s great…and you never let your purse out of your sight, right…RIGHT? Consider, again, the dining out experience.

We often use chair backs to secure or purse straps or handles, thinking it’s safe. Often, we find our purse has slipped from the alleged safety of its chair back mooring and landed on the floor. We’re luck when it’s not carried off and retrieved with only small amount so of dirt on it exterior.

As for the clutch – love them! Cute and adorable! But, unless you’re going to an event where only sitting, observing, and possibly eating is involved – think opera, theater or dinner party – conducting normal activities can become awkward.

Example: a friend related a story of trying to negotiate getting through the line of a wedding reception buffet with a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other. At one point, she looked down to see that her small wristlet clutch had slipped from her wrist into a plate of stuffed mushrooms…Embarrassing!

Purse-sitters are not always available. This responsibility is usually left to a spouse or trusted friend; and unless they’re vying for sainthood, purse-watching duties are not necessarily welcomed.

Solution: Hülle® Custom Boot Wrap Pockets & Boot Pocket Liners! Think minimalist – Think Hand-free Movement. Think of enhanced enjoyment at special events without the worry of a tote/cross body/clutch purse.

Same purse-in the stuffed mushrooms friend recently wore a chic black pair of Hülle Custom Boot Pockets to a bridal shower (showers and weddings are a constant in her life; lucky her!). Anyway, she says a great time was had without purse concerns – she observed that most guests threw theirs onto a big pile in a corner of the room. To her chagrin, one woman asked, “Where did you get those great-looking boots?!?” Gliding aroung the large, my friend had a purse-worry free good time – for the first time!

We will continue to use our handbags. There is no getting away from them. We will continue to love them and fight with them. However, when smart, safe, chic alternatives present themselves, it’s the smart, chic and savvy woman who embraces something new…right? RIGHT!

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